What to Expect?



A Comprehensive Evaluation~

Initial visits are about 2 hours ~ (Please allow an additional 20 – 30 minutes to fill-out the detailed health questionnaire.)

Including a thorough History, Tongue & Pulse Assessment

(Please avoid brushing tongue or strongly staining food/drink the day of visit, for accuracy.)

Also Incorporated as Needed:

Manual Orthopedic/ Neurological Testing

Range of Motion & Strength Assessments

Individualized Treatments~

Utilizing Appropriate Modalities

(Acupuncture needles are typically left in for 15 – 30 minutes while resting. For adults or children not ready for needles, other modalities listed under Services, may be used. However, stronger and quicker results are often seen with use of the needles.)

Follow-Up Visits are about 1 hour

If “Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation” is needed, follow-up visits will be longer

*** A prescription from your physician is required for PM&R to begin!***